Monday, October 15, 2007

Kids reenact torture scenes from Tropa de Elite

There's been a flurry of articles in the Brazilian press about kids reenacting the torture scenes from Tropa de Elite. Teachers are telling newspapers about 6-10 year olds putting plastic bags over each others heads (most of the torture scenes in the movie involve asphyxiation).

Some older kids made video reenactments and posted them to Youtube, though the original crop have been taken down at the request of the police. One of the articles makes refers to a video of a guy mock-torturing his girlfriend.

In one article (in portuguese) we get this gem:

Head of a Rio anti-torture organization: "This film preaches state violence and reinforces social fascism. The intention of the director is one thing, the effect of the work is another."

Padilha: "People make the videos they want to make. Children shouldn't be seeing a film that's prohibited for minors".

Who wins? It depends. Were we talking about censorship, or about whether the film promotes fascism?

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