Monday, October 15, 2007

"BOPE: Tropa de Elite" .torrent with English subtitles

Here are the torrent files for Tropa de Elite. These are based on a workprint that leaked more than two months ago from a subtitling shop. While the film's marketing made much of a supposed re-shoot of the final ten minutes, this version is mostly identical to the version in cinemas right now.

Notable things missing from the workprint:
* An opening montage featuring a funk (baile funk) verse about drugs, crime, and the police.
* 5-10 seconds of a blank white screen at the end of the film.

The scene titles in the workprint don't appear in the film.

BOPE: Tropa de Elite (torrent)
BOPE: Tropa de Elite (torrent, possibly with English subtitles already embedded, can someone verify?)
English subtitle track (.srt) on

To use the subtitle track above, get VLC, and follow these instructions.


Sergio said...

These subtitles really aren't very good. There are bits where there's two minutes of dialogue without subtitles. Does anyone know of any other subs?

mikeb said...

These subtitles seem a bit better.